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Does your doctor have a history of making mistakes?

If you found out that your doctor had one or more successful malpractice claim filed against them, you might be nervous about your treatment. All of this might make you worry that you or your loved ones might not be receiving proper diagnoses or treatment.

It turns out that most doctors who lose malpractice claims keep working in their field. A recent study shows that they may make some changes—but most are still treating patients. It also shows that if your doctor made mistakes before, they are more likely to make them again.

How you can spot signs of age discrimination at work

Discrimination in any form will usually cause both shock and frustration to the victim. When something you cannot control is deemed to be the reason you lose out on a promotion or even to be fired, it can be demoralizing.

The good news is that age discrimination is illegal, no matter if you are being interviewed for a job or have been with the company for many years. The unfortunate part is that proving age discrimination is not easy. However, there are signs you can monitor and track which can be documented and used as evidence if you feel you are a victim of age discrimination.

Oklahoma County employee settles discrimination suit

Leona Porter recently settled a discrimination lawsuit against the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office. According to The Oklahoman, the suit claimed Porter was discriminated against for her age and her race.

In January 2017, Porter alleges Oklahoma County Clerk David Hooten began harassing and discriminating against her at work. She stated that he cut her pay and reduced her job duties. Porter also claims Hooten suggested she was too old and sick to do her job. Porter is 77.

Do you deserve overtime pay?

Does it feel like you work all the time? Do you put in long hours at your company? If you are an hourly employee who works over 40 hours a week, you might be wondering if you deserve more pay. In most cases, if you work overtime you are eligible for and entitled to overtime compensation.

The Fair Labor Standards Act qualifies you for adequate compensation if you meet overtime pay requirements. If your employer is not paying you fairly for your overtime, you may be able to take legal action.

The difference a severance package can make

Although Oklahoma law does not require it, many in-state companies have some form of severance pay as a form of goodwill toward their employees and protection against future lawsuits from them.

If you are thinking of drafting a severance package, or are applying for jobs that include one, it is important to know the difference between a satisfying and unsatisfying severance package.

The subtle early signs of sexual harassment

The rise of the #MeToo movement this past year has helped many women feel empowered in sharing their stories of workplace sexual harassment. Many of these stories have also served as a reminder that sexual harassment is not limited to physical abuse, but can also come in discreet forms that may be harder to identify.

If you find that you have been getting unwanted attention in the workplace, whether from a coworker, superior, or even a client, you may be experiencing early signs of sexual harassment.

According to an article by Business Insider, here are a few ways to identify inappropriate behavior at work:

Testing finds flaws in car safety systems

Oklahoma motorists should not assume that their vehicles are safe even if they are equipped with safety systems. Drivers will still need to pay attention to the road if they want to avoid getting into accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested electronic driver assist systems in Mercedes, Tesla, Volvo and BMW vehicles. They found that while the safety systems can save lives, they also have flaws that put driver and passenger lives at risk. The automatic systems in the cars that were tested are considered to be the best there are, yet testing showed that the technology is not infallible.

Summer sees more cars and more crashes on the road

With children out of school, there are plenty of people in Oklahoma who take long road trips over the summer. Unfortunately, summertime also sees an increase in the number of car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that car and motorcycle crashes are the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries that require hospitalization.

With this in mind, it's important for car crash victims to be examined for a concussion as soon as possible. This will help reduce the chance of a false diagnosis. Concussions are hard to detect because symptoms arise at different times for different people: sometimes minutes after the crash, sometimes days. Symptoms include exaggerated changes in mood, a loss or diminishing of cognitive function and slurred speech.

Are you being discriminated against? Identifying signs at work.

Your workplace should be free of any discriminatory action. For many people, unfortunately, discrimination seems to infiltrate career moves and decisions as they go about completing their job requirements.

Just as important as it is for employers and other employees to refrain from any judgmental behavior, it's important for you to recognize when discriminatory deeds present themselves in your workplace. Identifying when discrimination happens, discussing your rights with an attorney and taking legal action may give you the opportunity to receive compensation.

FMCSA introduces new trucking safety assessments

Trucking safety is a major public concern for people in Oklahoma and across the country. It's important to note that tractor-trailer accidents are far more likely to injure or even kill the occupants of passenger cars than truckers. Therefore, it's vital that the government maintains clear and accurate information about trucking safety records in order to reduce the likelihood of these types of crashes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released a report indicating how it plans to retool its trucking company safety assessments after it was mandated to do so by Congress in 2015. Despite the importance of trucking safety data in preventing and reducing dangerous trucking accidents, the industry has complained for many years about the agency's safety ratings, claiming that they are unfair and inaccurate. In response to this industry pressure, Congress passed a highway bill that required the FMCSA to remove its current ratings from public view and mandated the agency to create a new system to track carrier safety.

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