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Serious emergency room errors can lead to injury or death

Your spouse is diabetic, so you and they are always careful about what they eat and mindfully monitor their blood sugar levels. You went to work and left your spouse at home, because they were feeling a little under the weather, but their diabetes didn't seem to be involved.

You tried to call home on your break and see how they were, but they didn't answer. You worked the remaining portion of your shift and returned home to see them playing a video game. When you asked what they were up to, they told you they were playing a game. Then, around four or five seconds later, they told you the exact same thing again.

Nursing moms have specific rights for expressing milk at work

A woman who has a baby might decide that she is going to breastfeed the new child. This is often a challenging journey, but women who go back to work have the added difficulty of having to figure out how to express milk when she returns to the worlplace.

There are protections for these women so they can ensure they can feed their babies and still go back to work to be able to contribute to the financial support the family needs. Understanding these protections can help women to ensure they aren't being discriminated against just because they've chosen to breastfeed.

How does wrong-site surgery occur?

Many people are quite shocked to hear stories about botched surgeries. While surgeries are usually safe and successful, mistakes do sometimes occur, either due to surgeon error or miscommunication. Wrong-site surgery is a term for a surgery that occurs in the wrong part of the body. Wrong-site surgeries are most often a case of a surgery occurring on the wrong side of the body — on the wrong knee or the wrong breast, for example. Very rarely, a patient may be subjected to a surgery that they did not require because of mistaken identity.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of wrong-site surgery, you will likely be able to claim damages. You can do this by showing that negligence was present and by filing a medical malpractice claim. The following are some causes of wrong-site surgery that could constitute medical malpractice.

Pregnancy discrimination can come in many different forms

Pregnancy used to be a condition women hid from the public. In some cultures, women still don't leave the house much once they begin showing. However, our culture has embraced pregnancy as a natural part of life and an aspect of reality for many women. Maternity clothing gets sold in mainstream clothing stores, and federal policies exist to protect pregnant women who want to continue working.

Unfortunately, employers aren't always as accommodating as expectant mothers might hope they would be. Despite laws intended to protect pregnant women, they often face discrimination at work.

What type of workplace discrimination happens most often?

Workplace discrimination can have a variety of impacts on your career. It could mean that you never get an interview or that you get passed over for a job, which goes to a less qualified candidate. It could mean that you get ignored for a promotion that you deserve or that they unfairly cut your pay. It could just mean that you do not get the same treatment as the other employees, even though your employer allows you to keep working there, and it is clear to you that they consider you to be less important and less valuable when compared to those other workers.

No matter what discrimination looks like, it could violate your rights. It's a rough situation to face, both practically and emotionally. It can change your career forever.

How to interview a surgeon for peace of mind

There may come a point in your life when you require a medical procedure. It doesn't matter if it's a minor procedure or an advanced surgery, nothing changes the fact that you're sure to be nervous.

Among the many things rushing through your head is the potential for a mistake to occur during the procedure. There are many ways to protect against trouble, with choosing the right surgeon the best place to start.

3 things to do if you are a victim of wage theft

If you are like most people in Oklahoma City, you work hard to make a living. You probably work overtime to earn your paycheck and help someone else build a successful business. While you put in endless hours toiling away, your boss is probably the one who makes the majority of the money and pays you only a small percentage of it every week.

While this is normally how things work, there are cases where an employer takes liberties when it comes to paying the employees. For instance, an employer might refuse to pay overtime, ask you to work off the clock or simply not pay you the rate you originally agreed to when you were hired.

Disability discrimination laws protect job applicants, too

The United States’ employment discrimination laws do not just apply to hired workers. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) clearly states it is illegal to discriminate against not just an employee, but also a job applicant, on the basis of a protected class.

A recent case involving a fast food franchise located here in Oklahoma offers an example of what discrimination against an applicant can look like.

How common is medical misdiagnosis?

No one wants to get a serious illness. But if you are suffering from symptoms that are affecting your ability to work or enjoy everyday life, you want an answer to what might be wrong with you.

Unfortunately, an estimated 10-20% of people will receive a medical misdiagnosis when they are seen by a doctor. And misdiagnosis leads to about 10% of hospital deaths, according to the Journal of American Medical Association.

FMLA lets employees take time away from work

Balancing work and your personal life can be difficult. That balance can be even more difficult when you or your family are facing medical issues or there is a big change in your life. Luckily, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) let’s certain employees take extended absences from work without fear of losing their jobs.


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