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Surgical errors can lead to worsened medical condition

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Surgical Errors |


When we are sick and visit a doctor, we hope that our illness gets cured by medicine and that we do not have to undergo a complex medical procedure. However, Oklahomans know that this is not always the case. During certain medical complications, surgery is advised by medical professionals.

It is not easy for any person to agree to go under the knife, but the belief that the opinion of the doctors is correct helps overcome the fear. However, what happens when the anesthetist or a doctor does a mistake during the surgery? What if, during the operation, a wrong organ was removed or defective medical equipment was used? Leaving a surgical tool inside the patient’s body is another surgical error. This negligence on the part of the operating room staff is not only dangerous, but can lead to a worsened condition for the patient.

There have been instances when surgical errors have led to serious complications and even loss of life. Due to lapses of another person, a victim of surgery malpractice can suffer throughout their life.

While we hope that none of us or our loved ones have to undergo this traumatic experience, if a loved one suffers due to a careless surgeon or negligent operating room staff, the wrongdoer should be held liable for the negligence.

There are various laws in Oklahoma that help the medical malpractice victim seek justice from the negligent medical professionals. They also help the victim get compensation for the losses sustained by them due to the negligence of the doctors, anesthesiologist or other hospital staff. For more information on these laws, please visit our website. The information may help you understand if your case is similar, and whether you may be entitled to compensation.