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The role of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Medication Errors |


Norman, Oklahoma, residents understand that medication errors can be very expensive. Medication could have been administered at a hospital or bought at a pharmacy. At both places, it is the medical practitioners’ responsibility to ensure that a patient receives the correct medication, in the correct dosage and at the correct interval of time.

In spite of that, errors, such as wrong medication or wrong dosage, are fairly common. In order to check the risks, Oklahoma has a dedicated board that regulates pharmacies. The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for promoting, preserving and protecting public health by licensing pharmacists, pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians. Additionally, the OSBP is responsible for licensing pharmacies, medical gas suppliers and distributors and prescription drug wholesalers.

The OSBPis composed of six members who are appointed by the governor of the state. Five of the members are pharmacists and the sixth member is chosen by the general public. All six members serve a term of five years, which runs concurrently with the governor’s term in office.

At present, the board maintains approximately 16,328 registrant records of pharmacists, pharmacies and medical gas vendors. According to the state government’s website, there are approximately 1,538 licensed pharmacies in the state, which are under the board’s control. The OSBP conducts regular inspections and is entrusted with the task of enforcing and federal and state laws pertaining to prescription drugs and similar dangerous substances.

A major responsibility of the OSBP is investigating complaints related to pharmacies, pharmacists, technicians, interns and medical gas suppliers and distributors as well as prescription drug manufacturers, packagers and wholesalers. The OSBP conducts hearings on complaints and has the authority to penalize those under its authority by imposing fines and suspendingor revoking licenses or permits.Additionally, the OSBP also conducts educational programs that teach the information that is required for renewing licenses and permits.

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