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Woman sues for doctor negligence, claims compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2014 | Doctor Errors |

Cases of doctor negligence are not new in Oklahoma. In a recent case, a woman is suing her doctors in court claiming in her lawsuit that her doctors failed to conduct necessary genetic testing and therefore were negligent in providing her with proper medical treatment. In the suit, the woman has said that the genetic testing was vital in her case citing the reason that she has a family history of cancer.

The woman has filed the case of medical malpractice recently in a circuit court. The suit has been brought against the hospital where she was admitted, two doctors who were responsible for treating her and the two nurse practitioners responsible for her care. She has claimed that there was negligence on part of all the defendants and that they were unable to offer her proper medical treatment, overlooking a vital fact which could have made a huge difference in her health and future, had it been properly addressed.

The complaint says that the defendants, due to their own negligence, failed to take a sufficient family history of cancer. She has stated in the petition that the hospital and the staff she has sued, did not take the fact into account that there is adequate information that she can develop cancer, and failed to prescribe and recommend a genetic test. She has further stated that had the test been prescribed, she would not have developed breast cancer.

The cancer that has grown, she says in the complaint, is the reason for her to accrue possible future medical expenses. She has added that her life expectancy has been diminished due to it as well. The defendants have been accused of breaching other state laws as well. The victim has sought compensatory as well as punitive damages along with costs and fees.

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