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Wrongful death explained for Oklahoma residents

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

As residents of Norman, Oklahoma, may know, legal action can be initiated against a person or persons whose negligence, or failure to take action, results in the loss of life of one or more individuals. Such cases are brought to court at the discretion of the victims’ relatives, who often may not be aware of the possibility of seeking damages as a partial compensation for pain and suffering.

These wrongful deaths may be the result of a doctor’s mistake, which might, for instance, lead to death due to a worsened medical condition. Alternatively, the fatality may have occurred as an indirect consequence of a motor vehicle accident. While courts recognize that the loss of a loved one may not be completely recompensed, damages awarded are a penalty for the possibly inadvertent wrong done by irresponsible parties who did not discharge their duty or comprehend the extent of their actions.

Relatives and family members of victims should therefore attempt to understand the local laws pertaining to such cases, through such sources as our blog. Looking at previous examples of wrongful death lawsuits can help differentiate between instances of negligence and genuinely inadvertent errors. Courts can and do frown upon frivolous lawsuits, so it is necessary to be able to state one’s case clearly and highlight the relevant nuances.

Due to this last aspect, those seeking compensation for wrongful deaths might need to seek legal counsel who have some experience with such lawsuits. Our Norman firm has handled many cases which involve different sections of the law not be immediately apparent to the layperson. This is another reason why becoming familiar with how the law works through a careful reading of our website can be useful.