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February 2015 Archives

Precautions Oklahoma patients may use to stop medication errors

In spite of various measures put in place by federal and Oklahoma authorities, medication errors are still fairly common. While the consequences of a medication error may not be major and are often manageable in many cases, some odd incidents of error can prove very costly for the patient's health and wellbeing. Therefore, a patient must take some precautions to prevent such errors in addition to measures required by doctors, nurses or pharmacists.

Joan Rivers' daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against clinic

Norman, Oklahoma, residents know that the loss of a loved one is difficult issue to handle. The difficulties in accepting the loss are greater when it is evident that someone's negligence led to the loss. Thankfully, Oklahoma wrongful death laws, which were discussed in one of our earlier posts, were enacted in order to support the survivors' feelings and therefore, allow survivors to sue for wrongful deaths.