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February 2016 Archives

After years of decline, traffic fatalities increase

Oklahoma drivers and their passengers may be more at risk on the road today than they were a year ago. Traffic fatalities, which fell more than 22 percent nationwide between 2000 and 2014, are on the rise again based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Figures are in for the first three quarters of 2015, and they show more than 26,000 fatalities around the country. Over the same time period in 2014, the number of traffic deaths was 23,796, and it represented a 1.2 percent drop from the previous year.

Expanded recall of Honda cars

Oklahoma motorists who own newer Honda and Acura vehicles may be interested to learn that a vehicle recall has been expanded. On Jan. 30, Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. sent a letter to car dealers in the U.S. to let them know that 2 million Honda and Acura cars are going to be recalled. All of the recalls are due to defective Takata airbags.