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Motorcyclists and safety precautions

On Behalf of | May 17, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Oklahoma motorcycle riders can ride more safely by being aware of a number of myths about their mode of transportation. One is that leather is only for fashion. Leather can protect against injuries such as abrasions when a rider falls on the pavement. However, dropping a bike in an accident is not a way to prevent an injury. In fact, it is unlikely there would be time to react in this way.

Driving defensively is a better approach to safety. This means assuming that drivers of other vehicles do not see or hear motorcyclists. Some motorcyclists believe that loud pipes alert vehicles up ahead to their presence, but most of this sound is actually lost behind the motorcycle. Riding close to the center line makes motorcyclists more visible and also gives them more freedom to swerve as needed. Reflective clothing at night and taking curves carefully are also important.

Some seemingly common-sense assumptions are untrue. Roads and streets are not safer than interstates despite the higher speeds on the latter. More than 90 percent of motorcycle accidents that involve another passenger vehicle happened on roads that were not interstates. Furthermore, big bikes are not safer for beginning drivers. Their size makes controlling them difficult. Full-face helmets are safer than open-face ones. They do not block peripheral vision as a result of Department of Transportation requirements, and they also protect the rider against bugs and the elements.

Despite these precautions, a motorcyclist might still be seriously injured in an accident. Another driver might fail to notice the motorcyclist or might not account for conditions such as rain and swerve into the motorcycle. This could lead to a serious injury, and even if the driver who is responsible is fully insured, the injured motorcyclist may not be offered enough money to cover medical expenses and other costs. In such an event, the assistance of an attorney could be advisable in seeking appropriate compensation from the at-fault motorist through a personal injury lawsuit.