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Researchers look at possibility of self-driving trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Many Oklahoma motorists would be very nervous to see a large commercial truck traveling down the highway with no one in the driver’s seat. However, the American Transportation Research Institute believes that self-driving trucks could actually make the roads safer. Even with autonomous technology, the self-driving trucks will still require human operators, however.

The ATRI has issued a report about how autonomous trucks could change the trucking industry. In the report, the ATRI also discussed the roadblocks that are currently preventing autonomous trucks from hitting the roads. According to the ATRI, infrastructure updates are the biggest challenge to the implementation of self-driving trucks. For autonomous trucks to operate safely, highway roads must be made smoother, and highway signage must be improved. These kinds of infrastructure updates should be the responsibility of the government, not private truck companies.

The ATRI says that there are many concerns about autonomous vehicle technology that will have to be addressed before self-driving commercial trucks can be deployed. For example, autonomous driving systems will have to be maintained so that they do not develop system glitches. The threat of a cyber attack targeting autonomous trucks is another potential problem. If self-driving trucks are involved in truck accidents, courts will have to settle questions about liability.

Self-driving trucks are not on the roads yet, so questions about liability for a truck accident can usually be resolved after an investigation. Many collisions are caused by truck drivers who have become fatigued after being behind the wheel longer than federal regulations permit, and in these cases, an attorney for an injured victim could be of assistance in seeking appropriate compensation.