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January 2018 Archives

Important timelines to keep in mind after a crash

Dealing with a car crash and the resulting injuries and damages can be a real nightmare for Oklahoma motorists. Unfortunately, anyone on the road is at risk of being the victim of a distracted, drunk or dangerous driver. A car accident can cause serious medical problems and emergencies, but those urgent issues aren't the only concerns for victims. There are also concerns about how soon to report an accident and how to best work with insurance agencies to seek compensation.

Keeping passengers safe on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle with a passenger may be a fun way to spend an afternoon with a friend or loved one. However, Oklahoma residents and others should understand that riding with a passenger may carry safety risks. Ideally, a rider will learn how to operate a motorcycle safely before taking on a passenger. Motorcyclists new to riding with a passenger may want to start in an area where there is light traffic and fewer safety risks.