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CVSA to conduct annual roadcheck in June

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts a commercial truck and bus inspection spree once a year as a way to enforce compliance with driver and vehicle safety regulations. This 72-hour event is called the International Roadcheck. Truck and bus drivers in Oklahoma should know that the 2018 roadcheck will occur from June 5 to 7, and they should especially keep in mind the current hours-of-service regulations as these are a major focus.

The focus on hours-of-service violations comes as a result of the ELD mandate, which the U.S. Department of Transportation implemented back in December 2017. The DoT has begun the period of hard enforcement for this rule, which states that all commercial truck drivers must install an electronic logging device in their cabs to track duty hours. ELDs will prevent the falsification of duty hours as was the case with paper logs, and the devices will allow inspectors to more easily detect non-compliance.

Hours-of-service violations were a big concern during the 2017 International Roadcheck; along with brake non-compliance, they were the most frequently cited reason behind out-of-service orders. Out of the 63,000 drivers who were inspected that year, which amounts to an average of 15 drivers every minute, 15,000 were issued out-of-service orders with 12,000 for vehicle-related non-compliance and 3,000 for driver-related violations.

Truckers are sometimes encouraged to work more hours than regulations permit and to violate the rest period requirement. These violations can lead truckers to drive drowsily, increasing their risk for truck accidents. When commercial truck accidents occur, victims may be able to file injury claims against the trucking companies. To bring together the proof of negligence, they might hire an attorney. The attorney may start by assessing the claim and then calculate a reasonable settlement to negotiate or litigate for on behalf of the victim.