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June 2018 Archives

More fatally injured drivers found with marijuana, opioids

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, more and more drivers in fatal car crashes are being found with drugs in their system. Oklahoma residents will want to know about the study that the GHSA has conducted regarding the issue of drugged driving.

Distracted driving a problem among select groups of truck drivers

Distracted driving remains a serious problem in Oklahoma and other parts of the country even though most states have laws in place prohibiting cell phone use while operating a vehicle. However, research suggests the problem is actually getting worse. An analysis of nearly 65 million vehicle trips found distracted driving occurred during nearly 40 percent of them. It's also an issue that extends to certain drivers within the trucking industry.

Are you a victim of pregnancy discrimination?

Having a baby may be a lifelong dream for you. Everyone knows how important it is for you to become a mother. It has taken years to make this dream a reality and you are finally pregnant. Now, as you prepare for the greatest day of your life, what if one day your employer tells you that if you leave to have your baby, there will not be a job waiting for you when you return? 

Self-driving car crashes in Utah puts Tesla CEO on the defensive

Oklahoma residents who are suspicious of self-driving technology may have good reason to be. Despite what the auto industry has said, such technology has yet to be adequately tested in either real-world or simulated settings. A RAND study states that self-driving cars must be test-driven for billions of miles before they can be considered safe. In addition, when cars are only semiautonomous, they cause drivers to become complacent.

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