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Strong Advocacy To Address Wage And Hour Violations

Employees at any income level may be the victim of employer greed. The Oklahoma Department of Labor and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act provide strong wage and hour law protections for workers. You deserve to get paid for all of the work you perform for your employer. Yet, businesses throughout the Oklahoma City area and across the state often find ways to manipulate work records and skirt wage and hour laws to protect their own bottom line.

At Ward & Glass, L.L.P., in Norman, we stand strong for workers who are being taken advantage of in violation of state and federal wage and hour laws. If you are not receiving overtime pay, are being told to work off the clock or are working hours without pay for any reason, we are here to help you recover your lost earnings. Our dedicated trial lawyers have substantial knowledge and experience handling overtime pay and other wage and hour pay violations. We take on companies of all sizes who fail to pay their workers their full wages.

We Will Work To Get You The Money You Have Earned

We are well-equipped to handle complex pay disputes across the spectrum of wage and hour violations, including:

  • Executive compensation disputes
  • The failure to pay earned commissions to sales professionals
  • Overtime violations based upon misclassification of employees as exempt or as independent contractors
  • Meal break violations for individuals who are required to work through lunch
  • Failure to pay for after-hours work, including answering the phone or emails at home
  • Pre-shift and post-shift work without pay

It is often difficult for workers to confront an employer over unpaid work. Our attorneys are highly experienced in presenting a strong front to obtain compensation in wage and hour disputes. We are known for our ability to work as bulldogs in court. Because we excel in preparing and presenting a solid case in court, we are often able to resolve employment law disputes through negotiations. You deserve to work with lawyers who are more than trial attorneys, but skilled professionals who know how to achieve results at the negotiating table.

Turn To Seasoned Trial Lawyers In Norman

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