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Autonomous trucking

An autonomous trucking startup company has created a system that would eliminate the necessity of having drivers in commercial trucks during final-mile delivery. This means that commercial truck drivers in Oklahoma and the rest of the nation would be able to control the truck remotely.

Trump order delays implementation of FMCSA safety rule

Oklahoma residents may be aware that one of President Trump's first actions after taking the oath of office on Jan. 20 was to order federal agencies to delay the implementation of all new regulations for 60 days. Trump has promised to slash red tape and eliminate unneeded government rules, and the White House says that the president needs the time to review pending regulations before approving or rejecting them.

Can technology be used to prevent distracted driving?

Oklahoma motorists might be interested in learning how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is attempting to combat the problem of distracted driving. The federal agency has proposed guidelines related to cellphone usage in an attempt to decrease the rate of drivers who use those devices while behind the wheel.

Researchers look at possibility of self-driving trucks

Many Oklahoma motorists would be very nervous to see a large commercial truck traveling down the highway with no one in the driver's seat. However, the American Transportation Research Institute believes that self-driving trucks could actually make the roads safer. Even with autonomous technology, the self-driving trucks will still require human operators, however.

Truck brake problems present safety hazards

Driving in Oklahoma can be an exercise in trust. Motorists and passengers expect that other vehicle operators are committed to safe driving and making sure their vehicles are roadworthy. When a driver is careless about vehicle maintenance, others who are on the road are in danger.

Unusual fluctuations in accident statistics involving trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published statistics regarding trucking accidents in 2014. This data showed clear changes in the pattern of incidents involving trucks in Oklahoma and across America, but the reasons for the pattern remain cause for active speculation within the industry.

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