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Causes Of Truck Accidents

The physics of a large semi tractor-trailer colliding with a small car or motorcycle is fairly straightforward. The crash will likely result in more serious injuries to the operators and passengers in the smaller vehicles.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Driver Fatigue And Negligence

At Ward & Glass, L.L.P., our lawyers represent area residents or those from out of state dealing with the aftereffects of catastrophic truck crashes. Common causes include:

  • Truck driver fatigue resulting from truck drivers not taking mandated breaks and failing to get enough sleep. Abuse of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication and illegal narcotics also plays a factor in some cases.
  • Truck drivers under strict, almost unmanageable deadlines will choose to speed. Not only are they breaking the law, they are putting other lives at risk. Losing control of a fully loaded, if not overloaded, 80,000-pound tractor-trailer can have deadly consequences.

  • Lack of taking proactive steps in checking blind spots and all sides of the vehicle before turning. Many drivers feel that they simply do not have the time for that level of detail.
  • The simple act of using a turn signal can make a significant difference in bringing down the number of truck to car accidents.
  • Distracted driving can result in everything from near-misses to catastrophic collisions. Drivers focusing more on mobile devices or laptops or even on a roadside accident can cause accidents of their own.
  • Road rage can come from lack of sleep, overuse of caffeine and other stimulants, or frustration over not arriving at their destination on time. Considering the size of a truck and the overly aggressive actions behind the wheel can have fatal consequences.

Dedicated Legal Representation For Our Fellow Oklahoma Residents

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